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Powerlifting Coaching

Alex is extraordinarily knowledgable and experienced both as a competitive powerlifter and as a powerlifting coach. Fundamentally he is able to communicate this knowledge to his clients in a manner that is easy to digest. With that being said he takes great care not to overwhelm his clients with cues, Alex gives his clients room to grow as athletes whilst acting as a great guiding force along the way. In my personal experience he has always picked perfect attempt selections at competitions and as such I have consistently gone 9/9 at my competitions whilst still remaining competitive and placing well.

William Huang

Brandon is attentive, patient and passionate about powerlifting. He has helped me tremendously with my squat, bench and deadlift by identifying my (many) weak points and addressing them through detailed feedback, effective cues and constant encouragement. He understands how important it is to find enjoyment in everyday training, which is why he takes the time to include fun variations and my favourite exercises into my programs. Brandon is a super friendly and genuine person and I'm glad to have spent many early mornings with him over the past half year. Thanks so much for being awesome.

Wendy Tian

Aiden has now coached me for the past 6 months, and in this time I have greatly improved both my lifting and nutrition. Being relatively new to powerlifting, Aiden was able to tailor my training to suit my skill level and knowledge, with clear progress seen each week. When I decided I wished to compete in powerlifting, he coached me both in preparation and on the competition day, where I was able to add 40kg to my total with 9/9 lifts. He always provides great support and advice, pushing me to do better and achieve the best I can. I would highly recommend Aiden for any new or experienced lifter.

Jarrad Mayocchi Client

Nick has been my coach for nearly the past year and in that time I have made immense progress in the weight I'm moving including my technique and mentality. My numbers are flying up and my confidence to handle heavier loads has improved a lot. His dedication to myself with the online coaching has been unreal. I am getting daily updates and he has made communication and support so easy it feels as close as being one on one training in person. The training has been challenging, fun, and well-planned and I am really looking foward to what numbers we can put together in the future.

Joel Bell Client

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