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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start training?

Simply fill out the questionnaire here if you’re ready to get started. If you’d like to ask us something more specific, contact us here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Who will be my coach?

After you’ve filled in your questionnaire, we will pair you with a coach we think suits your personality, training style, training age and experience. If you’d like to work with someone in particular, add it to your questionnaire, and if they’re taking on new athletes, we can arrange it.

What Is The Minimum Coaching Duration?

3 months, although the aim is to coach each athlete for as long as we can positively impact their growth as athletes. We believe that the longer the partnership between client and athlete, the greater the coach is able to facilitate further progress.

How do I contact a coach

You can contact each coach directly via their email addresses:
Alex – alex@theprocesspl.com
Nick – nick@theprocesspl.com
Aiden – aiden@theprocesspl.com
Brandon – brandon@theprocesspl.com

What's included In Training?

Each coach provides fully individualised training programs for each athlete; from main lifts to accessories, everything will be programmed for the individual. Each of the coaches have slightly different styles of programming, but will work with the athlete to find the method that suits their needs. The coaches use Google Sheets for their programs which makes each program interactive, live, and adjustable based on how things are going.

How do we receive feedback on our training?

The athlete is to provide the coach with video footage of their training after each session. The more you send, the more you feedback you will receive! Feedback comes in written, audio, or video form, depending on the feedback required.

What's Included in nutrition coaching?

We provide individualised calorie and macronutrient targets for the athlete, along with keeping track of lifestyle factors, to ensure they’re fueled sufficiently for training demands. We aim to improve each athlete’s body composition, as we feel it is paramount to success in the sport of powerlifting.